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Hines Manufactures 7 Models of Mandrel CNC Bending Machines

Hines Bending Systems Mandrel CNC (3-axis) bending machines are the industry's choice to manufacture parts requiring tight radius, thin-wall mandrel bends.

Hines CNC Bending Machines are completely programmable and Servo-driven for distance between bends (DBB), plane of bend (POB) and degree of bend (DOB). The computer memory

•  Stores your jobs to retrieve and run again
    when you need them with an easy touch
    screen control.

•  Effortlessly bends multiple axes without a tooling     change

Please contact us to discuss your application and production requirements.

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O.D. (inches) x Wall (mm)
Mandrel Bending Machine 060 CNC-B (view) .750 x .060
Mandrel Bending Machine 100 CNC-B (view) 1.375 x .080
Mandrel Bending Machine 150 CNC-B (view) 1.5 x .125
Mandrel Bending Machine 200 CNC-B (view) 3.0 x .125
Mandrel Bending Machine 300 CNC-B (view) 4.5 x .250
Mandrel Bending Machine 600 CNC-B (view) 6.0 x .250
Mandrel Bending Machine 800 CNC-B (view) 6.625 x .562