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Hines Manufactures 2 Models of Hand Bending Machines

With more than 30 years of experience, Hines Bending recognizes that even the smallest of bending jobs require great equipment. The bench top mount, portable and manual tube and pipe hand bender is easy-to-use and the most affordable in the industry.

Models 1" Square or 1" Round
Sizes of ROUND DIES (7) 3/8" O.D. X 2" Radius
1/2" O.D. X 2-1/2" Radius
9/16" O.D. X 3" Radius
5/8" O.D. X 3-1/4" Radius
3/4" O.D. X 4" Radius
7/8" O.D. X 4-1/2" Radius
Sizes of SQUARE DIE (1) 3/4" Square X 4" Radius
Capability 180° Bends
Additional Comes with Carrying Case
Total Weight 65 pounds