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Best Tube Bender, Exhaust Pipe Bending, CNC Bending Videos



During the installation of a bending machine,
we follow our best practice by capturing the bending machine in action on video.

There are several types of bending machine videos and we aim to expand the number and types of bender videos over the course of time.

•  Tube Bender, Forming Machine or Pipe
    Bender Product Videos.
Product videos
    for each bending machine visually
    demonstrate the features and functionality
    of each Hines Bending Machine. Bending     machine product videos detail the benefits     you will accrue in using the machine.
    For images of actual products produced,
    go to Photo Gallery.
•  Best Tube Bender Customer Video     Testimonial
    These videos specifically detail a bending     machine installation and use from a     customer's perspective. See the Why Buy a     Hines Section.
•  Tube Bender, Pipe Bender, Best Tube     Bender Product "How-To" Videos
    These videos illustrate how to bend a     particular material using a Hines Bending     Machine.

If you have a specific video need, please
contact us.
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    325 Induction Bender Product Video
Material: ASTM 106 (Steel)
O.D.: 12 inch square pipe
Industry or Use: Solar Energy
Total Running Time: :30
    630 Induction Bender Product Video Material: ASTM 106 (Steel)
O.D.: 22 inches with .500 wall
Industry or Use: Mining
Total Running Time: 1:00
    720 Induction Bender Product Video Material: ASTM 106 (Steel)
O.D.: 24 inches with .500 wall
Industry or Use: Oil/Gas Distribution Total Running Time: 2:00
    1220 Induction Bender Product Video
Material:ASTM 106 (Steel)
O.D.: 36 inches with .500 wall
Industry or Use: Mining
Total Running Time: