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Recommended Lubricants for Hines Mandrel Bending Machines

KLENEDRAW W-4100 is a pourable gel, specifically designed for use as a lubricant for tube and pipe bending and other metal forming operations on ferrous metals, including high strength alloys. KLENEDRAW W-4100 produces a high strength lubricating film on the surface of the metal.

KLENEDRAW W-4100 should be used as a straight concentrate. It is designed for use in once-through applications and should be applied in minimal amounts. KLENEDRAW W-4100 can be applied through mandrel rod lubrication systems having the capability of pumping viscous liquids or greases. It can be removed with a mild alkaline cleaner. Benefits of KLENEDRAW W-4100:
  • Contains No Hazardous Ingredients
  • Does Not Contain Chlorine, Sulfur, or Phosphorous
  • Has Excellent Rust Protection for Inside Storage
  • Cleans Easily in Low Temperature Water Base Solutions
  • Can be Welded Through Without Cleaning
  • Is Environmentally Friendly

TOWERDRAW TC-89 is a modified complex chemical soap, water-soluble paste. TOWERDRAW TC-89 is a version of TC-88 with PTFE added for more lubricity. It provides a strong barrier film and high degree of lubricity. TOWERDRAW TC-89 is primarily intended for tube and pipe bending. This lubricant can also be used for sheet metal forming of carbon steel and most non-ferrous metals.

TOWERDRAW TC-89 is normally used as supplied, but may be diluted by adding water to the paste with agitation. TOWERDRAW TC-89's advantages include:
  • Pumps through mandrel rod lubricators
  • Can be applied by hand or brush
  • Welds through without cleaning
  • Does not set up like pigmented lubes
  • Easy to clean in aqueous wash systems
  • Excellent operator acceptance

TOWERDRAW TC-89's properties: has a pale yellow appearance and it is a pourable paste. It is classified as non hazardous by OSHA Standards. It contains no PCB's, heavy metals or their salts, chlorine, active sulfur or DEA. It is best used within 6 months of manufacture date.

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